What not to plant


As you plan this year’s garden, give a thought to some species you should NOT plant. Some of the most serious invasives in our region might surprise you: they include miscanthus grass, wintercreeper, Norway maple, English ivy, kousa dogwood, Japanese barberry, burning bush, privet, porcelainberry, and Japanese honeysuckle. In 2014, New York State passed legislation forbidding the sale of certain invasive plants. The law takes effect in March and will go a long way toward getting many of the most serious problem plants off the market. You can see the complete list here. (Of course, the law can’t control plants already in the ground, which will continue to spread, or plants sold in neighboring states, such as New Jersey, which don’t regulate invasive plants, or mail orders).

Two groups in New Jersey are working hard to contain the spread of invasive plants. The NJ Invasive Species Strike Team (NJISST)

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