Spring Flower: Wild Geranium

Wild geranium (Geranium maculatum)
Wild geranium (Geranium maculatum)

Wild geranium is, for a native woodlander, relatively easy to grow from seed. The seedlings are sturdy and the more robust among them will flower in their second year. Collecting the seed is the painstaking part: the seeds do not all ripen at the same time, and as soon as they are fully ripe, they are dispersed from the plant via a spring-loaded mechanism.

Although usually considered a woodland flower, wild geraniums flowers most abundantly, and the plants grow better, where they can get quite a bit of sun. Light, dappled shade under high canopy trees or the unshaded, east side of a house are good sites for this flower. In sufficient sun, the leaves may colour attractively in the fall.



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  1. Such a pretty wee plant. I love the description, “spring loaded!” When you and Michael come down here, you’ll see the potential our property has. However, lack of free time seems to always be the culprit!


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