New Jersey Tea

This young New Jersey Tea (Ceanothus americanus) shrub, which I started from seed last spring, is blooming prettily beside our patio. Small shrubs are not that common in our native flora so I would like to be able to offer New Jersey Tea in the nursery. Alas, none of the young New Jersey Teas that I lined out in the vegetable garden last fall survived the winter. I need to find better techniques to get this shrub though winter. The seed for the individual in the picture came from Lambton Prairie near High Park in Toronto and while it survived the winter just fine, I had planted it by midsummer. I now have some seeds started which came from Knox Landing – just down the road, along the shore of Ottawa River – and they may prove to be hardier.

Other Ceanothus species are those stunning blue-flowered things from California and they are not hardy at all.

I am trying to make up for the weeks I posted nothing by posting two Plants of the Week in one week. What with getting the place ready for our Open Garden Day and then dashing off to Toronto for my cousin Julia’s wedding, I got behind on blog writing.

Spires of little white flowers on New Jersey Tea bloom in July.
Spires of little white flowers on New Jersey Tea bloom in July.

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  1. Hello darling first let me wish you a good trip to Toronto, well the gardens look amazing thus far I’m doing the guerrilla gardening thing down town Metcalfe 455 anyhow veggies and herbs basically I was wandering if you could save me ceanothus Americanus pls and do you know of any woodland poppies? How are you all good? Mike is well? You what they say no new is good news if your ever around don’t be shy buzz me Gros Bizou ciao!

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