Saturday Mornings at the Farmers Market

Beaux Arbres Native Plants' Table at the Shawville Farmers Market.
Beaux Arbres Native Plants table at the Shawville Farmers Market.

We are becoming accustomed to the task of loading the trailer with a selection of our native plants (and Michael’s basketry material) and taking them into the Shawville Farmers Market on Saturday mornings.DSCN2681

Last Saturday, I brightened our table with a big bouquet of summer blooms. The interior of the market building needs all the help it can get — it is a visually dreary space with fluorescent lighting. There are not that many options for a market space in Shawville, and this building has some good features, but, boy, oh boy, does it lack charm.

I must have been channelling my inner Martha Stewart, because Saturday was a two flower arrangements day. I love the vivid orange of Mexican sunflowers (Tithonia) but the stems are short unless you are willing to sacrifice a lot of future flowers by cutting the unopened buds. I made a little nosegay for our outdoor dining table with short-cut stems of Tithonia, dill flowers, and sprigs of marjoram. Some day I would like to have a cutting garden full of zinnias and cosmos and other cottage-garden style annuals for cutting.nosegay


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  1. Having the Saturday morning ritual at the farmer’s market sounds wonderful. I bet you have lots of buyers. I’m mad for those orange Mexican sunflowers and would love to have some (+other things) for our garden. A garden that has been poorly tended this summer because there simply hasn’t been the time. Everything looks and sounds wonderful! Hope to see you soon and, certainly, Max, too.

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