Beaux Arbres sign

Our sign is back up on Ragged Chute Road. We did have it up – without the logo – for our Open House in June. I finally got the logo – the stylized pine tree – painted and the sign back up.

The driveway to the farm is narrow and lined with trees, so it must be easy to overlook. I love the tunnel effect, with the trees meeting overhead, which we are not going to change. (We cannot make the entrance to the driveway wider without totally replacing and reworking the culvert on a deep municipal ditch. ) Within an hour of the sign’s reappearance, we had some customers drop by, so sign is working.

The sign faces HIghway 148, which is about 4 km to the south, and we also have an arrow sign at the jog in the road in the hamlet of Caldwell. However, folks coming down Ragged Chute from cottages on the lakes north of the farm are so far out of luck as far as any help finding us goes. That approach is even more hidden by vegetation – I miss the driveway a significant percentage of times! We will have to work on some more signage.


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Trish Murphy

Artist: botanical, still life, and natural history illustration. Garden designer: native plants and naturalistic gardens