Earth Day: Will we have plants to sell?

The Ontario Horticultural Society, District 2 AGM is being held this year in Cobden, almost just across the river from our farm in Bristol. It will be featuring talks on native plants and a talk by the always entertaining naturalist, Michael Runtz.

We couldn’t resist signing up to be a vendor at their marketplace. Although I have no idea whether we will have any plants ready to sell, if seemed a grand opportunity to reach some of the most enthusiastic and committed gardeners in eastern Ontario.

So, let us hope for some fine warm spring weather in the weeks before Earth Day, April 22nd. With luck, the earliest plants will at least have sent out a few leaves. We don’t have any heated greenhouses to force plants ahead of their season, so what we get is what the season brings. It does mean that nothing we sell needs to be hardened off before being planted in your garden.

If you live in the Cobden, Beachburg, Renfrew, Douglas, Eganville area, and you are interested in gardening and not yet a member of a Horticultural Society, now would be a fine time to join, to participate in what is going to be a fine AGM. Pre-registration is required to attend the event.

Celebrate Earth Day in Eganville

Saturday, April 22, 2017

Hosted by the Eganville & Area Horticultural Society

Opeongo High School, 1990 Cobden Rd. (between Eganville & Cobden)

Rankin Cultural and Recreation Centre, 20 Rankin Road, Pembroke

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Trish Murphy

Artist: botanical, still life, and natural history illustration. Garden designer: native plants and naturalistic gardens

3 thoughts on “Earth Day: Will we have plants to sell?”

  1. Hi Tricia,

    I won’t have a whole lot to sell in April, but I can forms for pre-ordering fruit trees & shrubs! I might even have small plants for Lovage, Egyptian Onions, Tomatoes etc… Plus I can offer a display of my Raised Bed Bags. I have already had an order come in for 10 bags for one person!

    Please send me the info to sign up as a vendor, I don’t want to miss a spot this time!

    Johvi Leeck[🌿]

    p.s. I do have 25+ indoor lights and about 1,400 sq. feet of unheated greenhouse for hardening off.



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