Seeds 2014/2015

Wildflower seeds will be on sale at Seedy Saturday Ottawa (Ron Kolbus Lakeside Centre) in March, 2015.

To download catalogue, please click: Seeds 2014 (PDF)

Some of the species available include:

  • pearly everlasting
  • field pussytoes
  • plantain-leaved pussytoes
  • wild columbine
  • swamp milkweed
  • butterfly milkweed
  • sneezeweed
  • great St. John’swort
  • beach head iris
  • beach pea
  • wood lily
  • great blue lobelia
  • early saxifrage
  • foxglove penstemon
  • hairy penstemon
  • black-eyed Susans
  • blue-eyed grass
  • bayberry
  • New Jersey tea

If you are interested in purchasing seeds, please fill out and submit this form:


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