SONSI Exhibit 2012

Cinnabar polypody, coloured pencil, 2010.

My drawing of a bright orange bracket fungus, cinnabar polypody, received a third place at the Southern Ontario Science and Nature Illustrators Exhibit 2012, at the Rotunda Gallery, Kitchener.

Revisiting FWR Dickson

Business took me to Wellington County yesterday, I stopped in for coffee at my cousins’s in Kitchener, and then decided, since I was relatively near to FWR Dickson, about which I have been blogging, I would revisit the area. The day was so beautifully warm and sunny, it could have been early September, but there were indications that this visit was later in the year than the day in September,2001, when I photographed all the fruit. This visit much of the fruit was gone, already eaten by migrating birds, bare stalks remaining. Two bright red fruits that persist into winter were still present: American high bush cranberry, and winterberry holly. Wild grape and grey dogwood had fruited with such abundance there were still lots left although much had been eaten. Other fruit that I knew was there was just about gone. I had to look carefully to find even one or two remaining fruits of carrion flower, running euonymus, maple-leaved viburnum, mayflower,or  Solomon’s seal. I did find a few porcelain blue fruit of silky dogwood and I again tried to photograph the odd, pretty blue.

Fruit of silky dogwood, FWR Dickson CA, October 4, 2011.
Fruit of arrowwood viburnum, FWR Dickson CA, October 4, 2011.