SOOS Orchid Show

The Southern Ontario Orchid Society held its annual show this past weekend. I don’t know if, because circumstances forced them to cancel the show last year, everyone involved was exceptionally keen, but it was a very fine show with some extraordinary displays of orchids in bloom.

dendrobiumI exhibited four drawings in the Art and Photography Exhibit and earned two prizes in the Art division: a second prize for Dendrobium densiflorum, in mixed pencils,  and a third prize for Pink Cymbidium I, in water soluble colour pencils. I also showed a work called Pink Cymbidium II, in water soluble pastels and coloured pencils, which was not finished in time to go into my Tropical Orchids show. I really appreciated the chance to exhibit to a orchid-appreciating audience. If I can stereotype for a moment, I think orchid enthusiasts include some of the geekier (and I mean that in the best sense) horticulturalists, who really appreciate detail and botanical accuracy in art work.

Pink cymbidium II, 2012
Pink cymbidium II, 2012

The show also fired up my enthusiasm for orchids. I had become rather tired of them after  my solo show last year. Seeing the amazing bloom at the SOOS show has renewed my interest. I was especially taken by the many varieties of  Masdevallia. I have always liked Masdevallia, because their three-petalled form reminds me of Trilliums and the nodding tip to the upper petal is somewhat like Jack-in-the-pulpits, but I previously had not seen many examples of the genus. There were many gorgeous Masdevallia cultivars at the SOOS show: pink ones and yellow ones and salmon ones and bicolours: