A visit to Prairie Alvar on Cape Croker

Neyaashiinigmiing prairie
Alvar grassland at Cape Croker

This past Saturday I had a chance to visit an extraordinary place: the alvar grassland on the shore of Georgian Bay near Cape Croker. The trip was organized by the Field Botanists of Ontario and led by Jarmo Jalava and Tony Chegahno.

The beauty of the place was both breathtaking and subtle. Breathtaking, because the alvar lies under the towering limestone cliffs of the Niagara Escapment and is bounded on two sides by the rocky shores of Georgian Bay. Subtle, because a flat expanse of grass, dominated by poverty oat grass (Danthonia spicata), over which dance the flowers of the common weeds, white sweet clover and Queen Anne’s lace, is going to look a lot like, well, like any old field. It is only when Tony and Jarmo directed me to really look at what was growing did I understand that this is a splendid example of native grassland such as can be found nowhere else in the province. Continue reading A visit to Prairie Alvar on Cape Croker